Thursday, February 17, 2011


31 days as Mrs. Ford.

My name has been officially changed.  Thank you letters have been mailed.  Wedding photos selected.  Most of the leftovers have been sold.  Now it is on with REAL life! 

I finally got to see the wedding video Nathan’s parents taped.  It is, by far, not professional quality but it is better than nothing.  It was nice to sit and watch it since I didn’t remember anything except for Nathan’s face.  John did a great job for his first ceremony as officiate.  I think I did an excellent job writing the ceremony! (sorry, have to give myself props too, LOL)  I thought it was very respectful that John stepped away while me and Nathan read each other our vows.  I know we were on the PA system, but it still made it more intimate between me and him.  So blog readers, if you or anyone you know, are looking for a cheap and great officiate for your ceremony, hit me up for John’s info!! *PLUG* J

I am also happy to report all the leftover wedding stuff is almost all sold.  I even made a few extra bucks on some of the stuff!  I am taking my dress to get it cleaned this weekend and hopefully I can get most of the money back on it.  I debated the dress selling over and over again, but finally concluded to sell it now while I can recoup some of the funds if not all.  I see SOOO many 1980’s dresses on Craigslist selling for next to nothing and no one can get rid of them because they are so out of style.  I don’t want to be one of those people that cart my dress around for the next 20 years only to realize my daughter doesn’t want it.  I feel like the dress shopping is the best part of the planning anyway.  So if you or your friend needs a dress…J

So all in all, I know I had a mental break down towards the end there about money spent on the wedding but It was beautiful and very memorable.  I think most of the budget was spend on pictures, venue/dinner, and my dress.  Everything else I have recouped on.  Can’t be mad about that!  Plus, I think my vision was executed.   It felt very warm and elegant.  I got the wedding I really wanted and then some even with the set backs and so called "compromises".
I have to say I got a very special gift for my wedding. I got something I never thought I would.  My father walked me down the aisle!  I got to share my day with both of my parents.  They had not seen or talked to each other in 20 years.  I finally got my first actual father daughter dance the night of my wedding.  What a very special memory to add to my happiest day.  I am so glad my Dad got to share the day with us and that was an awesome gift!  Thanks Dad!

So like I was saying, on with REAL life.  Married life is better than I ever thought it could be!  Nathan is such a great husband.  He spoils me with kisses.  He is always reminding me how much he loves me.  We instantly became this awesome team once we said I DO.  We were a team before, but something about marriage strenghtened the bond and made it better than ever.  It feels like our fire was re-ignited.  I know we will get through everything life has for us.  I am so happy to be a wife and so glad its with him!!!  I love you, husband!
So what is next?  Boring everyday stuff... Spring cleaning... Finishing up projects on the house... Maybe we will actual have the house warming party this summer...( i know its a year later, but better late than never, right?)