Monday, January 31, 2011

And they lived happily ever after...

It’s been 2 weeks since the ceremony.  I have been trying to get back in the swing of normal times.
I have to admit I am a little lost without something to make or plans to finalize for the wedding.  So much free time! LOL

How did everything turn out you ask?  Well, the night before the ceremony was indeed, busy, busy, busy!  Nathan and I spend several hours at the venue putting stuff together.  And let me just add, thank goodness we got the time to because it took FOREVER and we didn’t finish everything!  Dinner with the bridal party was hectic and loud but still a good time.  I didn’t realize I picked such a busy restaurant :/  I was exhausted after a day full of stuff to do, but unfortunately still only got about 2 hours of sleep.  I didn’t get any cold feet or nerves but I did have like a million details for the wedding going through my head so there was just no clearing my head for rest, lol!
The day of wasn’t too bad once we got past the massive traffic, loud marching band, and dead trucks!  There was no down time for movies or anything like that.  I felt like the whole day I was going full speed!  I thought I was going to make it without crying, but as soon as my song came on and the doors opened for me to walk, the tears just flowed!  Amanda had stuffed a hanky down my top at the last minute and I laughed at her thinking I wouldn’t need it, but it was a life saver.  After standing with Nathan a few minutes, I retrieved it.  The look on his face when I went down the top of my dress after it was priceless!  It took a lot not to bust out laughing!
It was very emotional to say the least!  Walking down the aisle our eyes were locked on each other.  He greeted me with a HUGE smile and told me about how beautiful I was and the dress was perfect for me.  He looked like he could cry, but held himself together.  We both wrote our own vows and his were really sweet.  I don’t really remember much else besides the kiss.  I couldn’t tell you who was at the ceremony or where anyone sat.  It was completely intimate between me and Nathan which I really liked.  I am still waiting on the wedding video Nathan’s parents taped.  After I watch it I will be sure to give props to our officiant, John J
After the ceremony, us and the wedding party freezed outside for a few outdoor pictures.  Thanks guys for putting up with it.  The outside pictures turned out really nice.  We took some pictures downstairs and stuffed our faces with appetizers before heading back for dinner!  Dinner was good and I hope everyone else felt the same.  I know we sorta delayed it so it sat for awhile on the warmers. 
The rest of the night was fun.  There was plenty of dancing which was a pleasant surprise for me.  I thought no one would dance so…  It was nice to be able to see everyone and some friends I had not seen in a while.  It was very pleasant and no drama which was a HUGE relief.  All that stressing for nothing. 
Thank you to everyone that showed up and put on nice clothes and a happy face to celebrate with us!  It means a lot to us that you were there to share in our very special day.
Our best man added that we looked like that happiest people in the world on our wedding day!  I felt that same way!  I couldn’t be more happier to be Mrs. Ford.  It’s my secret little drug when Nathan calls me ‘wife’.  My face lights up like the 4th of July! 
Don’t forget about the honeymoon!  It was a lot fun!  We got upgraded for free to the penthouse 51st floor and our room had an awesome view of the strip!  We had a huge bathtub that we both could fit in together that we took full advantage of!  We got to Vegas late Sunday night and stayed up most of the night exploring.  We started walking the strip early Monday.  There was so much to see.  We got wore out fast though.  The time change and the massive amount of walking took its toll.  We decided after all day walking on Monday, we would get the shuttle bus pass for the remainder of the week.  We saw all of the free shows like the Bellagio fountains, Mirage volcano, and Treasure Island dueling pirate ships.  We saw the V the Variety Show.  It was a show with a lot of different types of acts.  Nathan got called on stage to ‘volunteer’, they joked with him (and rubbed his nipples) but he was a good sport and it was hilarious!  We also had dinner at Excalibur and saw a joust.  We visited the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from the TV show Pawn Stars.  We got to go to the grand canyon on Wednesday.  It was SO beautiful but the bus ride was so long!  By Thursday we were both so ready to go home, plus Nathan was sick L We still tried to make the best of our time left and made it to Friday night.  We were happy to be home on Saturday and headed straight to the immediate care.  We were both sick, sick, sick.  Not the best way to end a honeymoon but it was a nice vacation.  Las Vegas is definitely one of those places you should only go to visit for a max of 3 days.
The honeymoon was fun but definitely tiring and a little stressful since we didn’t know where we were going or had any kind of plan. 
Now that things have settled down, we have been enjoying the married life.  Nathan is so sweet.  He gets so excited to tell everyone that I am his wife.  He is always saying I love you, wife!  It makes me smile!  He is more excited than I ever thought he would be.  He is not the type that usually shows his excitement.  But I am loving every minute of it!  Nathan’s mother has also been busy at work telling everyone that I just got married to her son.  LOL

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have to tell you about the heels!

4 days....

I can hardly wait!  I can't focus on work because of my excitement and I still have 2 more days to work! 

This past weekend was the last before the wedding.  I did finish up most of the little stuff so this next week can be smooth sailing.  I have to tell you about the awesomeness I found on Friday!  I found the most prefect, strappy, high heel shoes!  They are going to lift me up enough so that the dragging dress is no longer a problem.  Plus, I can walk in them and they are so freaking cute!  This may not sound like a big deal to you, but to someone like me who wears a size 2 in children’s, this is A-MA-ZING!  It is virtually impossible to find any kind of heel, much less a suitable heel.  They usually consist of Hannah Montana on the side with a light up heel in neon pink.  And even those are sometimes too narrow for my foot.  So, like my magical dress (see blog: say yes to the dress) I found the perfect shoe at the last moment, when all hope is lost.  They are going to match prefect!!

 Saturday was the Bachelorette and Bachelor parties.  I had so much fun hanging out with the ladies just being silly.  We met up later with the guys and kept the party going all night!  Biscuits and Gravy in the morning (care of Miss Amber) was a great way to finish the night.  LOL.  Soooo sleepy Sunday.  We did manage to stay up and get a few things done before crashing out early Sunday evening.

Monday marked the 5 day mark and although I was expecting call backs and confirmations, I didn’t expect them all to come in at once!  Getting the calls and talking about the day are defiantly getting me more and more excited!! 

Friday there will be a laundry list of things to get done.  We have to make sure to drop everything off at the venue, Nathan needs to pick up the tuxes and I need a manicure.  We will end the night with a huge family style dinner (a good stiff drink, LOL) with our bridal party.  I hope I am exhausted enough at the end of the night to get some good beauty sleep! 

If we can make it up to the venue the day in time, that will be a start.  It’s a goal to not cry before the ceremony starts!  Amanda has suggested to watch movies while getting ready.  This means no sad movies, like The Notebook.  They better be fall out of my seat (not literately, I hope.) hilarious!

No nerves yet!  Just simply excitement!  I could not be more ready!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 days!

11 days until the rest of my life!

Last minute details are being finished and things that can’t get done are being marked off the list.   I am not nervous or anything, at least not yet. (Besides about the amount of money we spent, LOL)  I think if I do get nervous, it will be about everything going well and not about getting married.  I love Nathan and I am ready to be his wife.  We have decided, or Nathan did anyway, to write our own vows.  It is sweet, but I just didn’t want to add any additional stress.  Plus, I wanted to know ahead of time what he was going to say…  He said he won’t read them to me before the wedding, but I know the truth is that he will not write them UNTIL the day of the wedding!  I guess that’s a man though.  I know going into it that he is definitely a procrastinator.  Can’t say that is anything new…  I am ready.  I am especially ready for all this planning and craziness to be over.  Ready to get my normal craziness back.  LOL.  I just want to spend a weekend vegging on my couch instead of cake tasting, dress shopping, party planning, venue seeking, or flower arranging.  So much has went on in the last 4 months.  Geeze, it was only 4 months!  Glad we didn’t wait a year.  I think I wouldn’t have any nerves left then! 

Nathan’s birthday is today and we are going to Crackers to celebrate for him tomorrow.  Bachelorette/bachelor party is this weekend.  Hope it is fun for the both of us.  I know we both scaled down plans due to money issues so… 

Next week will be just be trying to mental prepare.  I have been trying to focus on the things I am excited about, like becoming Mrs. Ford, the cake, the honeymoon…  it helps to take the stress off of everything else having to be perfect.  Just hope all goes well and it is a happy and fun memory…  And the plane departs to Las Vegas ON TIME!!!!! J  

Until next week…