Thursday, September 30, 2010

Weather or Not?

My Life Ain't Always Beautiful...
But its a beautiful ride!!

Ok, back to trying to decide the date…
Still stressing over weather issues!  I feel like I have to get this venue situation figured out before finalizing the date.  (Remember the free venue?)  My first choice, the barn, with the oak tree to get married under and the bonfire and hog roast after, well, it may work, may not work…  I am going to check it out this weekend but from the sound of it, it may be more work than it is worth.  It is an old farm barn and it needs to be suitable for the wedding and wedding guests if the weather is less than desirable.  So, do I spend the time and money to make it work, or do I go to plan B and save some time, money and stress, and again compromise the ultimate dream?  Life is full of disappointments so you just have to make the best of what you are given! 

As I was saying, I am going to check it out for myself this weekend.  I am also checking out plan B, ‘a wedding on the water’.  More to come…

Friday, September 24, 2010


My Life Ain't Always Beautiful...
But its a beautiful ride!!

So back again...
Recap!  My boyfriend of 7 years is now my FIANCE!
I have been refering to Nathan for awhile now as my husband but something about the reality of it changes things.  LOL.  I can't wait till the wedding, but now comes the pressure and stress of planning.  Sure wish that "wedding planning'" book I stated when I was 12 could help me out now!  Yes, I am crazy and I did start 'planning' my wedding when I was 12 and yes I do still have the book... PLEASE, no judging! :)
Everything in the book is crap!  I am a totally different person now then I was then or something!  There is no way I am going to be walking down the isle in that!  I must be a dreamer if I think we can afford those center pieces!  It is pretty much hysterical!!
So, anyway, back to REAL life.  Got to def set the date first and foremost!  Problem is, we were hoping for a fall wedding and thats a year away.  No problem for us, but it may be for my sick father.  Dilemma!  Compromise the dream and the FREE venue to have my father there?  Of course I want him there and have no problem changing the date BUT it will put the date in terrible, unpredicable weather, which means no outdoor FREE venue.  And I can not find a suitable, pricable venue that is indoors...  PLEASE HELP!  The date has to be the first thing I plan and I can't even do that!!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


My Life Ain't Always Beautiful...
But its a beautiful ride!!

So, I have decided to start a blog to clear my thoughts and stresses and to keep track of this WONDERFUL time in my life.  Maybe this blog with become something some day, maybe not.  I just figure if Amanda has time to blog while she is in labor, I am sure I can find a few minutes day to update as well!  LOL!  Let's recap!

I have just recently purchased my first home.  I have a full time day job and part time night job.  I live with my boyfriend of 7 years and our dog, Duke.  Things are crazy all of the time!!  I have a long commute to my work and my boyfriend works the opposite schedule as I do.  It's seems like there is never enough time to get anything done! 
Recently, my boyfriend has come up with an idea for our own bussiness and a way for me to use my college skills.  This plan is still in the workings but he is super passionate about, therefore, I am as well :)

So, anyways, fast forward to our first real vacation, last weekend.  It was the weekend out my birthday and we took off Thursday to visit my father in Evansville, IN.  We went to a concert with him, drinking with a friend after, then got up on Friday and headed to St Louis!  We chose St Louis because it was close but still had lots of things to do.  Friday, when we arrived, we headed to the City Museum.  The City Museum is this super neat museum of 100% recycled materials sculped into a HUGE jungle gym.  Anything goes!  Clumb, crawl or walk anywhere and everywhere!  It was SOOOO much fun, but so tiring.  We retreat back to the hotel and pass out as soon as our heads hit the pillow.
Saturday was promised to be a full day of sight seeing.  We first visited the Budweiser Brewery.  We got to tour the brewery, see the process of making beer, get a history lesson, and see the clidesdales!  Of course, at the end, there was FREE BEER!  I gave mine to Nathan. :) 
After Budweiser, it was on to the Arch!  St Louis best known landmark!  The Arch was HUGE.  It was a lot bigger than I ever thought.  To enter the arch there is a musuem under ground.  We waited for what seemed like forever in the HOT HOT SUN to enter.  After arriving we waited some more before we could ride to the top.  A tiny pod would carry us 5 at a time up the 630 feet to the top where we could view the city though tiny windows in a tiny obseratory at the top.  The view was well worth it and definatly memorible.  I motioned to Nathan I was ready to take the ride down.
Just then he says to me, "guess this is a good time then."  He got down on one knee, pulled a diamond ring out of his pocket, and started his proposal!  Tears, tears, and more tears!  He said something along the lines of "this is our vacation, and I love you and I am ready to start our lives together"  and of course "will you marry me?" All I really remember about this part is continuing to ask him if he was sure and hugging and kissing him and shaking my head.  He had totally surprised me and I was overwelled with joy!!  He put the ring on my finger and the elevator attendant took our picture.  It was magically and romantic!
This was definaly a highlight of our vacation and so special!  He said he wasnt nervous at all and he was happy I said yes! 

Sunday, we had serval things planned before the ride home, but it had stormed the night before and a lot of places didn't have power.  So, we decided to truck it on home and just take our time getting there.  Monday we both had taken off work, so, we just sat around and relaxed.  Let the engagment sink in...