Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Place!

My Life Ain't Always Beautiful...
But It’s a Beautiful Ride!

FINALLY!  I have found a venue that fits us just right and I know it will be memorable!  Drum roll, please...
We will be having the wedding at Normandy Barn at the Indiana State Fairgrounds!!!!  It is soooooo cute!  Definitely just as good as what we really wanted but couldn't have due to weather.  Nathan is just freaking out about the catering prices, which are really reasonable, but to him sound like a fortune for JUST food. :)My mind is going crazy with ideas and decorations.  We have a few dates in mind but that is still up in the air.  Hopefully we will have that nailed down by the end out the week.  I just hope none of our guests are offended by the parking fee.  It is only $3 but I am still worried people will be upset. 

Now, I just get to stress out about everything else.  The only thing I am really worried about is finding the DRESS!  I have not been out hunting yet and we have decided to move the date up a few months earlier than first discussed.  So, the pressure is on! 

All I can think about right now is the wedding.  I have not being sleeping because I can't clear my mind.  I can't stay focused at work because I am thinking about all the little things I might be forgetting.  Geeezee!  If I wasn't such a control freak maybe I wouldn't be so stressed but I feel like I have literally NO time to get everything done.

I feel some weight has lifted with the venue being decided, but there is still lots of details to finalize before paying for it.  I feel like there is so much to do and so many little details to tend to.  I still am researching photographers, cake shops, and I have no clue about flowers yet! (recommendation welcome!) I will be announcing the bridal party next week.  I hope they say yes.  Lord knows I need their support and help!

On a more personal note, it pains me that my mother will not get off her high horse so that she can celebrate with us.  It would be so exciting to have her be a part of this.  And only pray it will work itself out before the wedding...

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