Thursday, December 23, 2010

23 days and counting...

Ok so we are now down to 23 days….

How long has it been since I have blogged…  I thought I had everything under control and things were going to calm down!  Recap!  Wedding has thrown up all over my house!  I don’t think I have FOLDED laundry in 3 weeks!  We have just been living out of the dryer… (NO judging! As if YOU have never done it! LOL)  I will cross one item off the master list and add two more things!  I think I will be working on this until the day of…and probably some that day too! LOL 

Nathan says he wants me back.  He says he loves me every day and isn’t looking to marry me on a PREFECT day.  That’s his way of telling me to calm down, it’s not that deep.  I know he is right but at the same time, little girls always grow up thinking this is going to be the most happiest, prefect day ever.  Reality sets in and you just have to take a step back and a deep breath and know that it is meant to be a happy day, but there will be happier moments and as long as you love the person you marry then all the other stuff is just … stuff!

But as I was saying, I thought I was calm and the worst of the stress was over.  I was wrong.  Just when I was settling back in to everyday life, the crazed stress bride came back!  I am starting to stress over all the little details that I wasn’t thinking about a month ago.  We did get the rings.  I have my dress in my possession now.  I am a very happy girl about that!  We got the marriage license.  I am waiting on a few things to come in the mail for finishing touches.  We need to work out dinner plans for the night before with the wedding party.  And a few other small details to work out… Less than a month to go and two holidays in between.  Plus bachelorette/bachelor parties.  Break that down and its comes out to no time left!  I am trying my hardest to just let go of some things.  I am trying to concentrate on how we will feel after the wedding while relaxing on our honeymoon.

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