Monday, December 6, 2010

Here we go again...

40 days…

So what is new?  When to try on my dress after fittings on Friday.  That was an interesting experience.  I guess I didn’t realize this was only the FIRST fitting and that it was expected that others  would follow.  So I wasn’t very happy to begin with.  I feel like I need to have my dress with me and be able to look at it to make this all real.  I feel like since I am not able to do that, I never remember the dress exactly right.  Not that I don’t continue to love it, because I do.  Weird?  Well, anyway, so the dress fits very different than before and not perfect like I thought.  So I get a little upset, thinking all along I was going to take my dress home today!!  A few deep breaths later, I calm myself down and figure out a fix to the issues.  I just feel like the seamstress gave me different expectations when I first purchased the dress.  The show must go on right?  Another 2 weeks without my dress… L

After the stressful dress fitting me and Amanda head out to order the cake!  Why am I so indecisive!  It seemed like we were there ALL night.  I had a basic concept in mind that we had went over when we taste tested and all was well then.  Not so much this time.  Certain details have to be compromised on.  I just want it to look good!  I want it to be worth the large amount of money I am paying for it.  If I just wanted cake, I’d go to Wal-Mart and spend $30 on a HUGE sheet cake. LOL. 

I felt like we were finally getting somewhere with the wedding planning until Friday.  The stress made me feel like I was starting all over again!  Just wanted to climb into bed and rest!

The rest of the weekend was fine though.  I got some decompression time and once again got a grip on the fact that we are almost to the finish line!  Honeymoon is booked and definitely gives us something to look forward to!  Can’t wait til it’s just me and him! 

Christmas is fast approaching and if you are reading this, please forgive me, no Christmas gifts this year. L  Nathan and I agreed that we need to get into the season to have a getaway from this ciaos but it will be very small.  We are heading to E-ville this weekend to visit Dad and go to the possible last Liberations concert.  It should be a great time! 

So we have a lot of little details and ends to tie up but I think for the most part we are done.  No sighing yet!!  There is always something right?  LOL

This is at a store on Friday.  I told Amanda this tiara was only $1 and I was going to wear it for the wedding!  J/K

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