Tuesday, January 4, 2011

11 days!

11 days until the rest of my life!

Last minute details are being finished and things that can’t get done are being marked off the list.   I am not nervous or anything, at least not yet. (Besides about the amount of money we spent, LOL)  I think if I do get nervous, it will be about everything going well and not about getting married.  I love Nathan and I am ready to be his wife.  We have decided, or Nathan did anyway, to write our own vows.  It is sweet, but I just didn’t want to add any additional stress.  Plus, I wanted to know ahead of time what he was going to say…  He said he won’t read them to me before the wedding, but I know the truth is that he will not write them UNTIL the day of the wedding!  I guess that’s a man though.  I know going into it that he is definitely a procrastinator.  Can’t say that is anything new…  I am ready.  I am especially ready for all this planning and craziness to be over.  Ready to get my normal craziness back.  LOL.  I just want to spend a weekend vegging on my couch instead of cake tasting, dress shopping, party planning, venue seeking, or flower arranging.  So much has went on in the last 4 months.  Geeze, it was only 4 months!  Glad we didn’t wait a year.  I think I wouldn’t have any nerves left then! 

Nathan’s birthday is today and we are going to Crackers to celebrate for him tomorrow.  Bachelorette/bachelor party is this weekend.  Hope it is fun for the both of us.  I know we both scaled down plans due to money issues so… 

Next week will be just be trying to mental prepare.  I have been trying to focus on the things I am excited about, like becoming Mrs. Ford, the cake, the honeymoon…  it helps to take the stress off of everything else having to be perfect.  Just hope all goes well and it is a happy and fun memory…  And the plane departs to Las Vegas ON TIME!!!!! J  

Until next week…

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