Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It started with the turkey...

I made it through Thanksgiving!  Nathan had to set everyone straight about dinner etiquette, but we made it though without any fighting or bickering.  I was even complemented on my turkey!  Not bad for the first one!! 
So, we were given the gift of silence, but only for one night.  I don’t understand why we have very little support behind us with the wedding.  It seems like some people have just turned up the stress and drama towards us since we announced the engagement.  This should be the happiest time of our lives to date.  Instead, we are pulling our hair out trying to satisfy everyone and no matter what, no one is happy.   It should be all about us and our wishes right now, but it seems like some people think it should be the other way around!  Now I understand why couples elope!  We are so sick of this!  IT HAS TO STOP!  We are not taking anymore crap from anyone!  Starting now, if you don’t like it, you aren’t coming!  We still have a month and a half to go and we are not going to continue this way.  It may be harsh but we shouldn’t have to bend over backwards for anyone on our day!  I want to share this moment with people that are happy for us, love and care for us…
Besides all of that crap…  Things are starting to settle down with the planning.  Thank goodness, because with Christmas and New Year’s coming our time is running thin.  Mandy must be hugely relieved.  I know I was calling her almost every day freaking out about something there for a while.  I am still stressing over little details like timing and things like that but I think it’s mostly my need to have control of everything.  LOL!  I am picking up my dress from alterations on Friday.  Hopefully it fits perfectly and we are done with that.  Also, I am going to order the cake on Friday as well.  The only thing I can think of that still needs to be done is Nathan’s ring and sizing.  He is having a hard time choosing a ring he likes a lot. 
Overtime at work starts this week and continues until the wedding.  I am hoping to not totally kill myself with the extra work and planning that still remains.  I can sure use the extra money though! 
I always try to add something about Nathan in all my blogs and so this one is from a while ago when we were deciding a date and time for the wedding.  I just have been thinking about it a lot lately and realizing exactly how lucky I am.  So anyway….  When we were deciding on a time for the wedding, I told Nathan that it was recommended to have the ceremony start on a half hour so that the minute hand on the clock is moving upward, as a signal of good luck.  He told me that it was silly because we did not need any kind of LUCK because we love each other so much.  Marriage should never be based on luck anyway.  Nathan, you always know exactly what to say!  <3

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