Monday, November 22, 2010


54 days and counting…
Makeup consultation for THE LOOK was Friday.  I thought it was going ok.  I was, of course, not comfortable with any of the looks because I am not much of a makeup wear-er anyways.  But my girls assured me that if I don’t wear enough I will be washed out in the photos.  So, I went along with it…  So, I walk in the door at home to Nathan, he freaks out on me and says “You look like a drag queen!  No, I take that back, cuz you will blog about it!!”  J  Gotta love my Nathan!  I guess we are back to the drawing board on the final look…
I can’t believe how much I got accomplished this weekend!  I got the photographer I wanted!  I got my veil, centerpieces completed, and guest “book” done!  Tuxes picked out and another cake tasting under our belt.  I took Riley shopping for a flower girl dress.  She tried to sneak in a few other things on our shopping trip.  She took me she would have to have a place to put her flowers.  She said “Aunt Cindy, you have to buy me this purse so I can carry the flowers!”  She is so cute, and SMART.  LOL  Anyway, huge amount of the load taken care of!  We still need to make a final decision on the cake, honeymoon and DJ.
I feel we are in a much better place with everything now.  We might actually pull this thing off! LOL 
In other news, we are hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  No one has any faith I can pull it off.  Nathan says it’s hard for a person that knows how to cook to make a turkey.  He says Thanksgiving does not turn you into a good cook…  He will be sleeping on the couch for that one. LOL (Just kidding baby!)  So we will be making a 20 lb turkey, cheesy potatoes, corn casserole, stuffing, greens, and fruit pizza.  All are welcome, but come at your own risk!  We are cannot be held responsible for bad or burned food, family feuds, or possible injury resulting from your visit. 
If you do not hear from me after Thanksgiving, you know they slaughtered me at dinner…

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