Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wedding Duties

Wedding planning is CONSUMING my life!  My brain is wedding mush!  I took care of the flowers this past weekend.  Went and bought ALL that we will need.  I got a great deal on the real touch silk flowers.  You can not even tell they are fake!  Pretty sweet if you ask me.  I thought I was going to have to settle on something I didn't want since it is a winter wedding and flowers are usually pretty expensive.  I did buy pre-made wedding bouquets for me and the bridesmaids but I am going to make a few adjustments to make it 'me'.  All in all, I think I did very well for picking it all out myself!

After I got home with all the flowers I tried out several verisons of the centerpeices.  I asked Nathan, but he doesn't really care about any of that stuff.  He says, "whatever you want, I say we spend no money and get married anyway..."  :) Gotta love him for being cheap!  Gonna run the samples by Amanda and see what she thinks.

Nathan annouced one his groomsman this weekend, finally.  Gary abliged to the roll, but did give Nathan some shit for not making him Best Man.  His Best Man has not yet realized that Nathan has asked him.  Weird story, more to come on that one...  We are also waiting to find out if our choice of officant will work out, more to come on that as well.

We also registered this weekend.  Literally took ALL DAY!  We started at Kohl's and I went and got the scanner.  So, we are looking at stuff and I am like, ok let's hurry this up.  If you see something, I'll scan it.  Easy, right?  No, No!  Nathan had to throughly check and inspect everything we looked at to make sure that it was something he wanted.  I mean, don't get me wrong, I like nice things, but does it really matter which measuring cup is superior to the rest?  LOL. Again, gotta love him.  We have been living together almost as long as we have be together, so as you may suspect, we have most everything for a home.  We just looked at things that needed upgraded or replaced.  So, anyway, after hours and hours in Kohl's, we head to Walmart.  Our friends are major procrastinator so this only made sense for those people that remember at 11pm the night before the wedding... You know who you are... wink ,wink!!  Maybe Walmart was not such a genius idea though, I just know that Nathan scanned a big screen somewhere along the way. :)

After this long, long day, I thought to myself as we are walking out, should've just put in a registation for the photographer. :)

OK, here is the run down of scheduled events.  Friday, I am hoping to get Nathan to get fitted for his tux.  Saturday is my fitting for my dress alterations.  I need to still pick out a veil or at least the style I like.  Sunday is the venue taste test and run though of possible set ups for the event.  Hoping to book some cake tastings ASAP and also bridesmaid dress shopping.  Us girls have a make up consultation next Wednesday.  Still feel like there is TONS to do!!!!!

T minus 74 days and counting....

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